Nicki Heenan was born in London and went to school in Haverford West then Aberystwyth in Wales.  She later moved to New Zealand where she gained an MSc (hons) from Auckland University and worked as a teacher of  Art and Music. On returning to the U.K, Nicki studied at Goldsmiths University, UCL specialising in Cross Arts Workshops. These areas of learning have formed an integral part of her work as an artist where the experimental methods of science are combined with an abstract visualisation of the landscape. Nicki Heenan works from her studio in Wiltshire.

Nicki’s paintings are very much influenced by surface and substance. Colour is rendered in multi dimensional layers using glazing and infused with dry pigment, oil, cold wax,  and watercolour.

Nicki’s Bio

Nature is at the very heart of my paintings and provides the ever changing muse – Nicki Heenan

The Landscape is a place with a delicate balance and this has been highlighted by the environmental concerns as regards climate change. I see my role as an artist as one of observing and documenting the countryside around me and also to where I travel. My studies form part of a body of work that aims to raise awareness of the interaction between man and nature. Ecco systems and the preservation of natural habitats are an ongoing concern to me on a personal level with my own involvment in the local environment.  In doing so,  I communicate with people wider afield who share a connection for the process of re wilding and conservation to share information on species diversity and population.  My paintings seek to reflect Nature’s Song in the dance of life.

A journey through a selection of my paintings set to music.

For me painting and music are closely tied together and a concurrent theme throughout my life. Music brings painting to life and a painting has a rhythm  just as nature beats to it’s own tune