We have a story to tell as artists and there is a connection through our shared experiences. Describing what we know and being able to articulate that through painting is why I enjoy working as a tutor – to help artists to express themselves through gaining knowledge of materials and developing a painterly means of communication.

My paintings aim to capture and reflect the beauty of Nature. Through my work I would like to share my experiences and observations of nature.  With the use of Watermedia, Oil and Cold Wax and dry pigment, my working materials have evolved to not only illustrate landscape but to  be part of the physicality of natural world in a haptic response to the environment.

Since the days of drawing on cave walls, humans have not only used their voice and gestures to share their narratives, but have used materials to give their stories greater physical presence. 


Nicki Heenan is a member of RWSW – the Royal Watercolour Society of Wales having joined in June 2019. Nicki often paints the Welsh Landscape and attended school in Haverford West and Aberystwyth,  Nicki Heenan has undertaken a residency in Wales at Stewdio Maelor where she did a series of paintings and studies on the local mine at Corris. Earlier in 2019 she conducted several workshops and an exhibition at King Street Gallery in Camarthen, Wales  and will be returning there in 2022. In 2016 Nicki was awarded a Fellowship at Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Co Mayo, Ireland and her painting that is held at the Museum at Ballinglen was selected by the US Ambassador to Ireland to hang in the Embassy offices.