Let me help you grow as an artist, to broaden your visual language of communication via the knowledge of methods and materials. As a classically trained artist, art and science were once closely connected. My practice as an artist centres on the value of authenticity and about making a visceral response to the landscape.

I host workshops in England, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland, USA and New Zealand. Some people choose private mentoring where they have specific projects they are working on.

My methods of teaching are based on developing skills in conjunction with interpretation. As we each have our own outlook and ideas we want to express, it is important to focus on both aspects of learning in developing our paintings. Being able to explore process and to have confidence in creating your own unique work is both empowering and fulfilling.

I have been an art instructor for many years teaching the use of dry pigments, binders, inks, watercolour and oil and cold wax medium. It has been a privilege to teach in some wonderful places and there is an exciting line up for 2024. This year I will be running courses in New York, Switzerland, Ireland and New Zealand. I include extensive notes to accompany my workshops containing technical information and relevant scientific methods. I have written a blog on Cold Wax for Jacksons Art Supplies and have been published in several magazines. If you are curious about what goes into your paint and how it works, my teaching may unpack some of that knowledge for you.

 Where to connect with me in 2024

Newburgh, New York 2024

Riverside Art Workshops, New York : Wednesday 28 May – Thursday 29 May FULL

We will be taking a deep dive into using binders and pigments in watercolour painting in this two day fun filled workshop.

Switzerland 2024

Painting Plein Air at Suvretta House, St. Moritz : Monday 19 August – Friday 23 August

Please register your interest to [email protected]

This will be my tenth year running the Suvretta House Art Week. I have developed the program to include some of the most spectacular painting sites in the Engadine Valley. The week includes all transport and accommodation with art materials provided! Book directly with the Hotel.

Ireland 2024

Artform, Dunmore East : Tuesday 1 October – Thursday 3 October (FULL)

Intermediate and Advanced Oil and Cold Wax Medium Workshop. This course is set up to develop your own work in the context of the landscape around Dunmore East. Working closely with composition and materials – how the substance of environment becomes the inspiration for making visceral work with authenticity of place.

Ireland 2024

Ballinglen Arts Foundation, Co Mayo : 15 October – 23 October

This will be an opportunity to take time and focus on how materials and binders can drive how we portray the landscape. We will be using any medium of your choice on this course, as it is about how the properties of mediums and surfaces dictate, to a large part, the approach of how we paint and draw. I will be showing different ways to process pigments and how these can be utilised to connect with the environment to imbue your work with sense of place. Time will also be spent in articulating the cause and effect of choices we make by choosing certain approaches and how we can gain a greater control of our work through understanding the processes of painting. This course is for intermediate to advanced painters.

Colour matching Green in Ireland.

PENN STUDIO SCHOOL Online 2024 : November 14 – December 12

After the very successful Oil and Cold Wax Compendium Workshop, I am following on with an in depth workshop on techniques for atmospheric effects and varied paint surfaces. This workshop is for those with experience in using Oil and Cold Wax Medium and are confident with the techniques used with the relevant tools. Again, notes will be provided on formulations and materials with tasks set for development of visually complex surfaces. This course is online and so you will have the benefit of being able to work from your home studio.

To book a demonstration please contact me on [email protected]


Teaching for Howick Art Group, Auckland, New Zealand 2023


I recently completed an advanced ‘Oil and Cold Wax Workshop’ with Nicki Heenan. I was impressed, as a teacher myself, with the individual advanced preparation Nicki had taken time to organise for each student. She had brought books and photocopies of artworks that were pertinent to each of us and had obviously thought about our needs, as students, prior to the course. Nicki was a generous and inspirational teacher. She guided us through new processes and was encouraging and supportive at each stage. Nicki was also ‘down to earth’ and we managed to learn a great deal, at the same time having fun in a relaxed environment. I can thoroughly recommend Nicki’s courses to anyone thinking about taking one. My advice would be do it!
Hilary Garlick